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Dance is Our Passion, Our Language

"dwM offers dance classes for age 3 to 55 years old"

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

dwM Dance Academy

about classes

Kids Classes

Kids classes

3- 5 years old 

In this class, we focus on our kids' body movements, balance & understanding their left & right 


5-8 years old

In this classes, we focus on movements, balance, musicality, flexibility  & learn basic dance steps base on (hip-hop/ jazz )


8-15 (junior Classes)

In junior classes, beginner students have to take both hip-hop-jazz lessons as well as focus on flexibility & foundations. For upper beginner classes, we focus on their musicality, control, strength & memorizing in choreography.  (freestyle practice is a must in every class) ​

Hip Hop Dance


In basic class, students learn basic dance steps through hip-hop & jazz. Focus on musicality, fun & flexibility.

Break Dance Crew


In Beginner class, students can choose their favourite dance style. We separate the classes according to the dance style. Mainly, we focus on foundations of specific dance styles, musicality, strength & free style is a must.

available dance styles:




- Waacking






Open classes are higher level classes than beginner & basic classes. Depends on the choreographers, teachers, students learn different flavor of Hiphop, Jazz, Street-Jazz, Contepmorary, Dance-Hall, choreographies depends on the teacher's style. Focus on advance techniques. 

Dance Class


We offer & organise variety of workshops & dance camps with both international choreographers & local choreographers . We produce dwM Editions once in every 3 to 5 months. We also invite & welcome dancers to share with us. 

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Zumba Class


In fitness class, we offer Zumba, Yoga & 

our own fitness program called 


(Boost your flexibility & Be fit)

Once we found out dance plus working out can make us stronger, healthier,

we provide this program, in which we focus on Fun, Stamina, Strength & Flexible.

Image by Samantha Weisburg

Class payments information:

(non- members)

  • walk in (single class) 10$ = 15000 mmk  

  • first trail = 8000 mmk

(members) membership fees: 15000 mmk then get these special prices

  • 1 class in a week (4 classes)      = 35000 per month

  • 2 classes in a week (8 classes)   = 70000 per month

  • 10 times card (valid 3 months)   = 90000 mmk

  • 15 times card (valid 4 months)   = 130000 mmk 

  • (the difference between monthly payments & card payments, we count the date starting from the day you join & for card payments you can join any time within the valuation date, also you can ask for card extension when you are traveling or something happens. 
Image by Forest Simon

" register for membership & get special price for

classes "

"Private Classes are available"

Check Regular Classes' Schedule here

we offer room rental services

for dancers, instructors, artists. 

If you are looking for a working space...

if you are looking for a surprise events for your love ones...

If you are looking for private room to practice...

If you are looking for a place to give classes... 

If you are looking for a place to shoot (interviews etc...)

If you are looking for a place to have a cooking class?

dwM is offering you space .... 


If you are one of our member, you get special price.

If you are a student, we give you 10% off

If you rent within your birthday or birth-month,  we give you 10% off

If you rent 2 hours, you get extra 1 hour free

So....... welcome to dwM.

Image by Samantha Weisburg


Hire us for your events, shows or for awesome showcases

We can fulfil your wishes, needs with our talents.

Dance Performance


We create for you, teach you & show you that 

with the enthusiasm, everyone can dance.

Group Dance


Are you having contest, performance or party? Don't worry, we can give you dance lessons. 

Modern Dance


Which character do you want for your product, art ?

Dancing Couple

Events Management

We can organise for your events

& help to make your event wonderful. 


Dance program

We offer dance program for international schools.

event & choreography
tvc, performance
teaching , dance program
room rental
class payment

Online Classes

 "For those who cant make for regular classes because of their tight schedules, because they live far away, living in different place, no worry.... dwM offer online classes for you with affordable price"

"Our goal is to make you feel happily confident & convenient... for a better version of your lives"

Pre recorded or Live Classes 

You can have anything you want .... 

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